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Air compressor wiring 110 or 220 and wiring issues

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Which is best – AIR COMPRESSOR WIRING 110 or 220?

If I have a air compressor that gives me the option to wire it either 220 or 110 volt what is the difference , which is best.

If you consider that a compressor is a conversion device, turning electricity into stored kinetic energy in the form of compressed air, and if you consider that with a 220 Volt supply your air compressor will have much more electricity available to faster convert it into compressed air, then 220 Volts is the way to go, for sure.

Why does the compressor keep taking out the start capacitor?

by Jim

General Air Air Compressor (photo: Www.generalairproducts.com)
General Air Air Compressor (photo: Www.generalairproducts.com)

The compressor is a 208 volt motor. General Air type. The voltage has been checked and is fine. Would increasing the wire size from 10 AWG to maybe 8 AWG help. I have been told that you can not have any voltage drop on a 208 volt system. I have checked the voltage on start up and I don’t see a voltage drop. I took the motor to a motor repair shop and they said the motor checks out fine and just needed a new start capacitor. This is the second time.

Jim, knowing how old (number of hours) that is on the air compressor would give folks a better idea of the why your start cap burns out.

One reason is that the start capacitors themselves have a flaw.

Another might be the excessive drawn on the cap when the motor is kicking off. That could be attributable to the motor itself (though you indicate yours checks out) or an increasing load in the pump affecting the motor start.

Are all facets of the compressor operation normal, except for the blowing of start caps?


Electric speed switch wired wrong?

by Dan
(coldspring tx usa)

someone pulled cord out of motor wires came off i need to see motor terminal block schematic

Dan, the assumption is that all motors are wired the same. I am not comfortable with that.

The access panel to the motor junction box may have a schematic on the back of the cover.

Failing that, what is the motor make? Can you contact them?

No joy there, maybe this will help:


Or, you need an electrician.

I’m happy to post this for you so someone else can offer assistance if they can.

Good luck,


Where do the supply power wires hook to on an industrial air compressor

by julian
(benton ky)

need to know where supply leads go on industrial air compressor v7518023 7.5 hp with starter


Starter wiring
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Julian, typically:

Input power (mains) to L1 and L2

Motor to T1 and T2

Pressure switch to L1 and X2

That’s for single phase power

Have fun.

By Bill Wade

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