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by jon dee

Compressor shuts off without reaching full operating pressure (circuit breaker trips)



Make sure the power supply to your Harbor Freight air compressor is “clean”. By that, I mean no extension cord being used, and no other appliances pulling power from the same circuit the air compressor is on.

If the problem persists when you have clean power, then it might be a failing pressure switch allowing a short and popping the breaker, it could be the motor is laboring and pulling too many amps, it could be the start/run capacitor isn’t working right… many things.

What pressure does it reach before the breaker pops, and is the breaker popping at the same pressure on the compressor every time?

Post a response here please, if you wish, so I can follow the thread.


by: jon dee

pressing the reset button after the circuit breaker trips allows the compressor to reach full pressure. it runs about one minute before it cuts off each time.


Hoping that you have clean power, as noted, at what pressure does the breaker trip? Same pressure each time? If it’s happening a differing pressure points, then it may not the pressure switch.


Reset switch
by: Anonymous

OMG fellas. don’t make a huge project out of this. by-pass the reset switch. That’s all that’s wrong. Just cut the wires, twist them together and spin a yellow wire nut on there.

That’s one line of thought. On the other hand, if the reset is tripping due to overheating of the motor, then by following your advice you will, for sure, overheat the motor. Not good if you want your motor to last.


Compressor always needs resetting
by: harry

hi what up. i have my compressor for about 2 yrs.the same one you have.from day one i have to hit the reset 10-16 times before it will stay running.frist i used an exstion cord so i did away with that.now it dircit into outlet.still dose it and i have tryed differant outlets with same resutls.and i do not use that much

it is so loud it hurts your ears.next it is full of air 150 psi.shuts off and go to check the air in my tire and i put in 5lbs.and the compressor kick back on and it keeps doing that so anything i am working on on and off on and off.

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