XAS 440 JD8 T4F PE EB run failure 6427

by Kevin
(Oklahoma City)

Good afternoon,

I am operating an Atlas Copco portable compressor model XAS 440 JD8 T4F PE EB.

I was able to start the compressor and after about a minute it shutdown indicating an Emergency Stop 2000. When I entered in on the fault screen it indicated a "6427 Run failure."

I reset and started it two more time each indicating the same failure.

Engine had actually warmed up on the second attempt and was filling the cylinder and had build about 35 psi before shutting down.

Fuel level is fine, oil level and pressure is indicated.

I saw that before I began walking around and it stopped running. I wasn't able to get any other info or record exact pressures, temps or anything else.

I was hoping to find a technical manual on line so that I could research the fault or possible causes.

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 31, 2019
Error code
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Did/does this tell you anything?

Go To Diagnostics
Press the SETTINGS VIEW button

scroll to ‘1000 GENERAL SETTINGS’

press ENTER

scroll to ‘1150 DIAGNOSTICS’

ENTER the Diagnostics menu,

ENTER the ‘ENABLE’ parameter

scroll to ‘ON’ and press ENTER.
Now the ECU will get PAC
(ignition) and one can
perform ECU diagnostics (read DM1 List, DM2 List,
ECU values, perform engine diagnostics, ...).
Now press BACK until you’r
e back in the Main View
(or in the menu you require).
To leave Diagnostics, press the STOP button

This from a different manual, but the controller codes run pretty much the same from model to model...

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