Worthington 216-117

by David Conrad
(Batavia, OH)

Worthington 216-117 compressor

Worthington 216-117 compressor

Worthington 216-117 compressor
Worthington 216-117 compressor

Single stage V twin, 12" flywheel, 6 1/2" centrifugal clutch.

2 1/16 X 2 1/16 X 1 5/8 bore and stroke

2scc0002 Model or SN# these numbers were read using a mirror.

Casting mark on intake manifolds is 222

My dad had this compressor in his shop in the early 1950s

The clutch engages below 1700 rpm. 1740 rpm 2hp electric motor will barely start the compressor in warm weather with all the discharge dumped.

What is the maximum rpm for which this compressor is designed to run?

Thanks for your time.


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Nov 06, 2017
pump RPM
by: Doug in s.d.ca.


If Roger's 1200 is within range, then an engine at 2200 or so would work. You'd probably want some sort of limiter on it, of course.

But again, Worthington might tell you can run it even faster, in which case you might not need an engine limiter.

Nov 06, 2017
216-117 Maximum RPM
by: Owner

I have been using this compressor since 1960 to spray paint cars and work on tires.

It works fine but can't have much back pressure to start with the single phase 2 HP motor.

I need a portable gasoline powered compressor to get air to areas with out electricity.

My concern is that a gasoline engine will spin the compressor too fast.

Nov 05, 2017
by: Doug in s.d.ca.


If anyone can help, these guys can (if they want).

You could even get a free t-shirt if you enter their contest for oldest working...

Let us know what happens, 'K?

Nov 04, 2017
Hi speed
by: Roger

As you can tell by the short stroke, Worthingtons liked to run pretty fast. At 1200 rpm, it would only displace 7cfm, so 2hp seems to be about the right size motor. Are you on single phase? It might be a bad capacitor on the motor. Has this machine been laid up for awhile? Bores might be rusty. Has it even run low on oil? Rods might be tied up. Is your power supply good (no voltage drops or other high load items on the same circuit). Who did the wiring? If the wires are undersized it might be drooping voltage on start up.

You could always go up to a 3hp motor and see if it helps. What are the pulley ratios? It might be running too fast as well.

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