Won't restart when pressure falls

Brand new 21 gallon 2.5 hp compressor. takes a few resets of the reset button but then works and gets to 125psi. However, it never restarts. I don't know when it would be set to restart but my guess is around 100psi. my husky used to have a tank pressure valve so i could set it. But at this point if it won't start when the pressure falls to 100 or so psi the thing is junk. any ideas?

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Jan 04, 2016
no restart
by: Doug in s.d.ca

According to the manual, it restarts at 95 and stops at 125 PSI.

Being a new new unit, it could be bad, or it may be an electrical issue.

Please check the troubleshooting section of your manual as well as on here -

"Reasons Why Compressors Will Not Start"

If you conclude it is the machine, take it back or if it's something really easy, just fix it.

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