Wolf compressor doesn't deliver enough air

by Kevin Weller
(Truro, Cornwall)

Compressor should run at 12 bar but only runs at 6.5 bar.

Purchased a Wolf Compressor 100 litre unit with running pressure 12 CFM.

We want to use unit for small scale wood sandblasting on Oak.

However when she's running only gives 6.5 and does not have the guts to push our small sand blaster.

Is there a way to up the psi, so that she runs at the higher Bar or do I need to get a new Compressor.

Any thoughts

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Jun 17, 2015
air flow
by: Doug in s.d.ca

If you turn it on, and don't use air, what pressure does it reach before it stops?

Jun 17, 2015
Wolf compressor issue
by: Bill

Hi Kevin:

Your question threw me a bit as it referred to 12.5 bar and 6 bar in the title (I changed it)and then in the body of the question you refer to flow.

You also say "100 litre unit with running pressure 12 CFM." and the two are not the same.

Your compressor has, based on the information you provide, a flow of 12 CFM. You do not indicate at what pressure that flow is, but I suspect that it's in the area of 6 - 10 bar. Not too many smaller compressors run at 12 bar unless they are specialty purposed.

What your question is lacking is the demand of the sand blast equipment. What do the specifications for the blaster show as operating pressure and flow to ensure that it can run properly? Somewhere on the specs it should be stated, or, if not, Google it. You need to know this.

If your compressor can provide 14 CFM of air flow at 150 PSI (10 bar) for example, and the blast cabinet has a flow demand of 18 CFM at 9 bar, odds are good that the compressor is too small. It cannot deliver the flow and pressure, and no, turning up the cut in will not help. That will just cycle your compressor too often.

Knowing your model of compressor and the air demand of the sand blaster would make answering your question quite straightforward. Absence of that info makes my response convoluted. Sorry.


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