WL660900AJ: piston ring/cylinder blown again

by Gordon
(Sioux Falls,SD)

Tank wasn't building pressure. Found cracked exhaust to tank tube. Replaced and while testing everything was looking good until at 145lbs (cut off is 150) I hear a sudden noise and change of pump sound. Took apart and found piston ring blown.

Found out that the part I need is WL211000SJ (Piston Service Kit) but is no longer available anywhere.

So I did find just a piston ring on ebay and ordered it. I also bought a small honing tool to take out the small grooves in the cylinder.

I honed the cylinder smooth and replaced the piston ring and installed the piston correctly from top side.

Reassembled and tested again. I did give the cylinder a shot of WD40 from the bottom side thinking the new honed cylinder would be less abrasive on the new piston ring.

Everything was looking good again until at 130lbs I hear the same noise and change in pump sound again.

Took apart only to have another piston ring blown.

Comparing the two rings with each other they seem to be of the same quality and material and size (it did fit nice and snug in the cylinder).

Since I can not find another cylinder to purchase (thinking I may have over honed my cylinder) my question is what now? Can I double up on the piston rings (sandwich 2 together)?

Just wondering what to do now?

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Dec 23, 2018
WL660900AJ: Just wondering what to do now?
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

How about describing or getting pix of the "blown piston ring". I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Are they cups, or flat/round?

How do you get them in the cylinder?

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