wiring up an electric motor on compressor

by brent
(baton rouge, la)

i have a motor with a switch that changes it from 220 to 110.

all the wires were hanging out. the plate on the side of the motor gives a low voltage setup but none of the wiring combinations make sense to me.

there are four spade connectors on the switch. the very bottom spades have a red wire connecting them. that leaves four. two on top and two in the middle. the hanging wires: yellow with black goes to the pressure switch or line, brown w/connector, white w/connector, yellow red and green on a connector, black and orange on a connector.

the motor schematic says for low voltage: yellow/blk-line, brown red and orange together, white yellow and black together. none of this makes sense to me. if i can get it to run on 110v i would be happy. can anyone help with this? no one company will give me an electrical schematic.

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