Wiring diagram for 220

by Mike

Air compressor motor

Air compressor motor

Air compressor motor
Terminals on air compressor motor

Hello, I'm looking for some assistance, I want to wire my Air Compressor for 220 but Sears/Craftsman doesn't support this older unit. At least they cant provide me the wiring diagram that was available when it was purchased several years ago. Currently its wired for 110, I have pictures if needed and will describe which wires are attached to which terminal. I would really appreciate it if someone more familiar with 220 can tell me which wires need to be swapped around! Thanks, Mike

Terminals are labeled A. B. & C. PIC 1

A has BLK wire (T5) from the motor w/BLK wire from BLK capacitor
B has Brown (J11) from motor with brown from white capacitor
C has 2 red wires (T8) attached to TERM with a red wire from the white capacitor

Connectors on the motor PIC 2

BLK from motor wired to TERM 1
Orange to TERM 2
Blue to bottom TERM doesn't appear to be labeled.

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Apr 22, 2015
110 / 220 conversion
by: Doug in s.d.ca

That settles that. No can do...

Apr 21, 2015
I'm all set...
by: Mike

Doug, thank you for looking in to my post but I'm all set now. After looking it to further I've discovered that this is not the original 110/220 motor. It's a replacement wired for 110 only. Mike

Apr 20, 2015
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Does this thing have a model number on either the compressor or the motor itself?

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