will not start

by Coy Cates
(Bakersfield, CA USA)

My Model 94667 will not start. It started real slow the last time I used it and this time it will not start at all. I pushed the circuit breaker button and it still does nothing.

I would appreciate any help.
Coy, does it manifest the same symptoms if you try to start the compressor with the tank empty?

If it starts OK with no air in the tank, let the compressor run up to cut out, and make sure that the unloader valve is working.

If the compressor still will not start with the tank empty, and you ARE NOT using an extension cord or power bar, can you check to ensure that there is power flowing through the pressure switch? You will need a multi-meter for that.

If power is flowing, then that suggests to me that the start capacitor may be failing. See how to check that on this site.



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