Will compressor extra tank explode??

by chris
(regina sask)

will my exmpty extra tank explode?? please give me a straight forward answer...thanks.

I have two compressors with regulators on them each has a max psi of 150 ,if i dial them down to 120 and feed those 2 lines to my air tank which has a max (125psi) and draw my air from there ...would this setup be safe to use??

I can't change the pressure on my regulators no screw on them .... p.p sorry i am still learning English , so i have very poor grammar skills...thanks for you time

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Jun 04, 2016
Will compressor tank blow up?
by: Bill

Well Chris, I can't give you a simple answer as I don't know the condition of the tank.

A more complex answer is, the compressor tank, rated for 125 PSI, has a healthy safety margin built into it, and if the tank is in good condition, putting 120 PSI in it will be perfectly safe.

While I know regulators aren't the cheapest tool, they are not that expensive, and replacing yours with ones that work would be, I think, a good investment. Then you could dial the air that goes to the tank down to 100 PSI, probably a better pressure for your air tools anyway.

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