Why does my June Air compressor model 6 leaks fluid into air lines?

by rudy
(mcallen tx)

I've drain the tank and I still keep getting fluid in the air lines.

Rudy, draining the tank is necessary to get free water that has condensed in the tank out to help prevent that water from getting into the air lines.

Also, if the humidity level where you are is high, and the air is coming out of the tank into the air lines in a cooler environment, then moisture in the hot air will condense in the lines after the water separator located on the compressor.

Assuming the fluid you speak of is water, and if that is the case, all you can do then is put a water separator / filter at the point of use, to remove the water that has condenses in the air line before it blows out into your equipment.

If you need really dry air, there are devices that will ensure this. See the pages on this site about water in the air lines and what to do about it.



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