Why 165 PSI cut out ?

by Pete B

Quincy QT-5 running fine for 4 years. Starting to hear a little bit of knock just before pressure switch cuts out at 165 PSI. All of my tools run at about 90 PSI. Regulator after receiver tank is set to 100 PSI.

The question is why not set pressure switch to open at 120 PSI?

Doesn't it sound logical that the compressor would have extended life and run more efficiently only compressing to 120 rather than 170? Am I missing something here? Thanks.

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Feb 02, 2017
165 PSI cut out
by: Bill

It seems to me that regardless of the pressure going to the air tools, if there is higher pressure air available, the less frequency the compressor will have to cycle.

Adjust the pressure switch to have a lower cut out means that the compressor will have to cycle more often to feed air to the same air tools.

If the compressor has a factory setting of 165 PSI for the cut out, then that compressor has been designed to work at that pressure and will supply air tools with a working operating pressure up to that pressure level.

Normal maintenance, or lack thereof, may be the issue for the knock.

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