Which way should the air flow on a 185?

Which way should the fan be moving the air through the radiator?

The compressor runs for a few minutes and shuts down. I can hear the water boiling inside the radiator. I think that someone has put the wrong fan on it. It is drawing air through the radiator into the engine compartment. Every one I have ever used blew the air from the engine compartment out through the radiator.

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Dec 13, 2017
Cooling fin cleaning on a 185
by: Bill

Excellent tips, KG. Thanks for taking the time.


Dec 12, 2017
AIR Flow to the Fans
by: KG

My IR 185XP like most portable direct screw air compressors draw air from under the machine (with both doors closed as mfg recommended) up to the 2 air breathers (1 diesel, 1 for the air compressor) and to the fan.

Air traveling through the radiator is forced outside of the unit by the FAN.

I have been using this type of compressor for over a decade and when used regularly and there is dust & diesel fuel involved I find the radiator fins get a fine film of grime (dirt, dust and diesel vapor) then a large portion of the fins become plugged up and unit start to run hot.

To clean the radiator fins 1st spray them with a non-corrosive automotive degreaser and rinse it off with a power washer set at the LOWEST pressure setting. Stay back so as NOT to damage the cooling fins. BLOWING only from INSIDE the unit toward the OUTSIDE.

Once everything is cleaned off I immediately fire-up the compressor and blow dry the fins and anything else that got wet with compressed air, blowing only from inside toward the outside. Again be careful NOT to DAMAGE the cooling fins.

This instantly solves my overheating problem.

NOTE: Basic 101 cooling system I am assuming you have ALREADY confirmed your diesel's water pump is circulating the engine coolant through your radiator and on into the engine block but the coolant is remaining hot and failing to cool down which is the purpose of the fan & radiator.

Jan 05, 2016
air flow
by: Doug in s.d.ca

It may be a toss-up.

But if you hear boiling coolant, that suggests possibly the radiator cap is loose or leaking.

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