Where to buy parts CP # 95275 compressor

by Fred
(Sewickley, Pa)

Where can buy parts for CP 95275 compressor?

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Jan 08, 2018
95275 circuit board run burned
by: Anonymous

What are the components on this little circuit board? Is it a relay setup? I am presuming that one of the two components on this board failed causing the board trace to melt. Also presuming that I can not just solder in a jumper on the trace?

Oct 30, 2017
Harbor Freight
by: Anonymous

I have tried numerous times to get parts for their products. It is impossible. Only buy their products if you are ready to throw it away and buy another one.

Aug 30, 2016
CP #95275 compressor parts
by: Robert

I have one of these little pancake compressors that won't get above 20lbs. The motor runs fine but it will not build enough pressure to cut off. When I cut the switch off I can hear air leaking from the piston housing part of the compressor. I called tech support but as of 8/30/16 there are still no replacement parts for this unit.

Dec 20, 2015
Need a piston ring for a 95275 comp.
by: Sreve Tinsley

I need a ring for piston on a 95275. Where can I find one?

Jun 29, 2015
Parts for 95275
by: Bill

Ray, as I indicated in an earlier post, this compressor is still available from HF. Parts for it are not in the parts chain right now, and in fact, may never be!

Why? Because right now you can buy the whole air compressor new from HF for $59.99.

So, it were me, I'd buy a new one, and keep the old one for spares.

I doubt you'll be able to buy the part for less than $10-15 and maybe more. Buy the whole compressor. It will probably be cheaper and then you'll have a bunch of spare parts when the new one starts to fail, as it will.

Jun 29, 2015
compressor 95275
by: Ray Signet

Our little compressor got slower and slower to build up pressure until it finally stopped. The motor runs fine. And you can hear the compressor trying to work. We took it apart and found that the "ring" on the piston was worn half away. Where can I purchase a ring this size? It's about 1/4 inch wide, or a little less. It is split at one point to allow it to fit over the piston. Am awaiting your reply. Ray

Dec 24, 2014
Parts for a 95275 Central Pneumatic compressor
by: Bill

Fred, this compressor is still available new from Harbor Freight, so it looks like the after-market parts vendors haven't begun building inventories of some of the spares needed.

What parts are you looking for, please?

Depending on what they are, you can either use parts from other vendors, parts from other Harbor Freight air compressors, or in some cases, make your own.

Knowing what parts you are after will help others help you find them.

All the best for Christmas.


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