Where to add Oil?

by Pablo


I recently went to pick up my Dad's old compressor and it is similar to these types of compressors, in the picture.

Prior to firing this thing up, I wanted to know where I would add oil to it?

It seems to have a motor with a small wheel and another unit with a big wheel spun by a belt.

Do both units require oil? and if so, where do I apply and what type of oil do I use?

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Jul 24, 2016
Is there an oil plug ?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

The motor needs no lube, unless it's really ancient, which I doubt.

The pump (big wheel) likely does. Look around near the bottom - you'll find either a plug similar to what's typically on a lawnmower engine, or possibly just a plug, often with a square head. The former should just twist/unscrew out. possibly with a dipstick on it. The latter will take a wrench, and won't have a dipstick.

Either one will probably be easily accessible from the end or side of the machine, as opposed to between the motor and pump.


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