by Pat Horne
(Jacksonville, Florida)


Pat, I believe that they are made for Craftsman by one of the major compressor suppliers in North America.

And, that major compressor supplier will likely have parts and assembly of those air compressors farmed out to lower cost producing countries.

To be specific as to the actual manufacturer of your Craftsman air compressor, you will have to start with the year it was made. I believe, as years go buy, Craftsman, like other compressor sellers, get their compressors from the lowest cost source, and that compressor manufacturer will change over time depending on who bids the lowest when they go out for tender.

One thing that may help identify the source for your model of compressor is to upload a photo or two of it.



Craftsman 1 HP air compressor
Craftsman 1 HP air compressor


by: Pat


Was looking for one made in the US but it looks like Sears has disappointed me…will keep looking.

Thank you for your help.



by: Bill

Pat, I’d be very, very surprised if any but the most expensive industrially oriented Craftsman air compressors were made in the USA. I would bet that the photo I added above of one low cost Craftsman came from offshore.


Where Sears compressors are made?
by: Anonymous

Sears like too many company’s use China.

Sears has used China for Craftsman tools and the list goes one.  They also use South Korea, Mexico!!!

I just etc…a new Dell computer, took the cover off, had China tags on components… General Motors….has most all their engines made in China!!!

In the early 80’s to 90’s The people in Mexico was only making $.75 cents per hour.

Bill you can edit this if you want to. But all true facts….I hosted students from all over the world,

A product may say made in the USA, yet not made here.