Whats the rotation on DeVilbiss 445 compressor

by Wayde Bauer
(Kinston New Jersey)

I moved an old compressor ( DeVilbiss Mod 445 10 hp ) to another plant a& find no markings for rotation. 3 Phase motor @ 440 Volts

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Nov 07, 2016
reversing 3 phase motor direction
by: Anonymous

You can tell which way the pump should rotate by looking at the fins on the flywheel. It should be scooping air and throwing it towards the block.

With three phase power, if it is going backwards, reverse any two wires (the three black ones) and the motor will go the opposite direction.

Turn on for a half second just to see which direction it attempts to go then immediately back off.

Oct 27, 2014
Rotation of motor
by: Bill

I found this from Centrair... http://www.centrair.ca/old-devilbiss-445-pump.html.

"This hardy, dependable pump has been in service for more than 30 years. It is not manufactured any more, but don't worry we have all the parts you need to rebuild this pump. We also have core exchanges - we send you a fully rebuilt 445 pump and you send us back your old 445 pump. The exchange will take less than an hour and you will have a pump that is rebuilt up to factory specifications - that's a design life of 20,000 operating hours!

This pump is usually on a DeVilbiss tank, but also can be found branded as Johnson Controls. To identify the pump look at the front (opposite the flywheel) for an identification plate. It will say model 445. There are other ways to find out what type of pump you have - if your not sure call us at 705-722-5747 Ext.1. "

So, I'd suggest a call to them would give you the info right away.


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