what type of oil should I use for pull behind air compressor...

by don Zacharias
(Lawton, Ok)

I have a pull behind diesel power rotary air compressor, don't know the brand, is has a Kargard compressor, makes and holds about 175 lbs of pressure. The oil in the tank looks to have water mixed in it, its pink in color.. What type of oil should I replace with?? Thank you, don

Don, please have a look at the Oil Issues pages linked from the site map page. Much info there on compressor oils for you, as well as links to sources.

Assuming the oil you seek is for the air end and not the motor, you'll need something like this:

Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, SAE Grade 10, Viscosity Index 32, Viscosity SUS @ 100 Degrees Fahrenheit 137, Flash Point 450 Degrees Fahrenheit, Pour Point -65 Degrees Fahrenheit

It would be good to use the compressor manufacturer recommended oil, of course.



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