What oil to use in sears model 106175540 compressor

by William
(Los Angeles .CA)

It looks very similar to the provided manual for 106171941.

I think I got it in late 1990 or early 91, I'm not entirely certain. I know I sold my 1969 ford van in 91 and couldn't fit it in my car's cargo area so I had to take the compressor off and the wheels. I am getting old , I am old.

The fellow I got it from traded it for a small oil less two piston small compressor and it didn't have the belt guard or the cover or handle.

I took the head off because he had no filters on it and I saw sand . I cleaned out the sand the little that was on top of the pistons and changed the oil and cleaned the flapper valves to make certain they were good. I also got a new belt from sears.

I used it mainly for air brushing and filling my cars tires and at times to run my 1/2" impact or other air tools.

It does have a manifold and built in regulator and pressure switch , all work fine .

On the label on the 12 gallon tank it says 8.5 CU-FT per min and 6.9 SCFM@40PSI and 5.8 SCFM @ 90 psi . It runs and then shuts off at 90 PSI so I assume that is the max PSI rating . It takes about 2 minutes to fill the empty tank to 90 PSI .

I cannot recall what sort of oil I used and nothing states what it recommended . I think someone told me 30 weight none detergent motor oil plus I have a red bottle of sears craftsman oil no weight stated just said none foaming better lubrication 1 pint. I have no idea if it's detergent type or synthetic or what. I don't recall ever using it . The manual I noted said use only 10/40 detergent type motor oil .
What's best ? Does it matter? Does it sound like it is max 90 PSI rated ? I don't recall when the pressure switch kicks back on because the check valve does not close fully so I bleed the tank down using the tanks drain . I did remove the check valve once and and blew it out and it did work . Looked like sand in there but no sand ever came out of tank drain or air lines, Rarely even water since it's so dry here. I even looked into the tank through the large check valve hole an saw no rust or sand. None in the oil either , I made a point of keeping the drained oil and strained it to see.


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Jun 24, 2017
Oil type?
by: Lonnie

I have a 2hp air compressor /paint sprayer what oil do I use in the compressor . I bought it used and am having trouble locating a owner/user manual for it

(Assuming this is a 106.175540 compressor, or any other smaller DIY type, please see: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/compressor-has-an-oil-issue.html - Moderator )

Sep 05, 2016
Oil For 106.175540
by: Anonymous

I have a 106.175540

Manual states: use SAE 30w oil.(SAE 20w under winter conditions.) The correct oil level is just to the BOTTOM of the screw threads in the filler hole.

Apr 06, 2016
Automotive oil
by: Jim O

Looked again... No reference to not using automotive oil.
I have never had any problems with automotive oil in every piece of machinery I own. But than again, I have never been a fan of detergent oils. I guess it's a preference. I am always looking at my oil and changing it as soon as it looks dirty anyway.

Apr 06, 2016
Oil for compressor
by: Bill

Thanks Jim.

I bet it also says, or should, that the oil used is non-detergent, non-additive. In other words, do not use automotive oil.

Apr 06, 2016
Brand of preference
by: Anonymous

I have a 106-175541
Manual states: use SAE 30w oil.(SAE 20w under winter conditions.) The correct oil level is just to the BOTTOM of the screw threads in the filler hole ( about 16 ounces ). DO NOT OVERFILL. Change the oil every 100 hours running time.

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