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by Gabrielle Sanchez
(Baldwin Park CA USA)

It’s a 20 gallon Snap On air compressor, I’m not sure what kind of type of oil to use


Snap On compressor oil
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Depends on the model, but 20 or 30 weight non-detergent oil is usually OK.

It’s probably got dino oil, but you can use synthetic if you flush with it for a few hours, and then refill.


Snap On 30 Gallon air compressor
Snap On 30 Gallon air compressor

I tried to find an image of a 20 gallon Snap On compressor, but they don’t appear to make them anymore. This is the 30 gallon version.

Flushing oil to use synthetic
by: Bill

According to the web, and of course, everything you read on line is accurate (:-), an oil user can switch back and forth from natural (?) oil to synthetic and back again with no issues.

You just have to careful to pick the right synthetic for the job.

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