What is the t2 malfunction light on Kaeser model DS 201 for?

by Chuck
(Philadelphia, PA)

On the instrument panel of our Kaeser model DS 201 there are malfunction lights.

Our compressor will run and pump air for a few hours and then shut down.
The T2 malfunction light comes on.
The book says that the t2 malfunction light is "Provided for additional shut down function".
Do you know what the t2 malfunction light is for?

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Aug 04, 2014
by: Carls421

Hi again,
Last week I was called out to this issue (T2 shutdown) i found the issue was that the T2 sensor is actually located in the seperator vessel! The reason, as these machines are so big, a sensor is positioned here to stop overheating in the vessel to prevent fire. The resolution, replace the oil and seperator filter, this cures the fault.
We're all learning!!


Jun 29, 2014
by: Carls421

Hi again,
Ive looked more into this, i think you may have the Kaesar controller fitted (square black box) and the T2 light is the LED is the bottom warning light?
If so, then this light is for additional warnings, it seems that there has been an added temperature sensor added to your machine somewhere. T1 is normally the temperature sensor attached to the airend. So something is overheating on your machine somewhere (T2). Have a check to see if you can see what might look like a temperature sensor, maybe in the ducting where the hot air is being extracted (after the cooler) Then check to see if anything is blocked or not letting air through properly. Hope that helps

Jun 28, 2014
by: Carls421

Which controller do you have on your machine?
What does it look like? Is it a little black square box with 4 led lights on? Or is it a Sigma control?? An error message with "T" at the front usually means temperature, but i would like to know which controller you have, maybe a photo of it would be great!
Kind Regards

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