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What is my compressor worth? This is a question that gets asked a lot on this website. This page will allow you to get help finding out. We are talking about Air Compressors on this site folks, so, please make sure that you are posting about a compressor, OK?

Please read this whole page before posting, in particular, the part that says "You must upload a least one photo, preferable four - one from each side of the compressor - or the posting can not go live." If you are not notified by the system about your posting being accepted, that may be why!

Many factors come into play when trying to figure out the value of an air compressor. Here are some of the reasons why it's really hard to nail it down.

- Has the compressor been used or has it been abused? No way to tell from looking at a picture on an on line forum.

-Is the compressor really working well, or is the poster just saying that to elevate the price?

-Is it a well known brand with parts and service departments easily available?

-Where is the compressor? They are difficult to ship inexpensively, and some folks may not want to chance a long drive.

What is my compressor worth? - old air compressor

Nevertheless, there's a need to get a consensus about what is a compressor worth and that's where this site comes into it.

At the bottom of this page is a form on which you can ask folks to help you figure out "what is my compressor worth?" by adding information about your air compressor.

There are just a couple of things that you must do in order to get your air compressor posting in front of the thousands of people that visit this site every week.

  1. You must upload a least one photo, preferable four - one from each side of the compressor - or the posting can not go live.
  2. Identify the Make, Model and Year (if you know how old it is) in the Title Line on the form.
  3. Provide as much detail about the condition of the compressor in the description, including any faults with it.
  4. In the posting make sure you indicate the location of the compressor. The town or city and state or province.
  5. After you click "Submit" then the system asks about notifications. Please be sure to include your valid email address when you are asked to OK notifications, so you will know when someone responds to your posting. That's the only reason the system needs your email address.

You can upload up to four photos. Photos can be up to 1.5 MB and a maximum of 800 x 600 px in size.

That's it. Use the form, add the info, add the photos, and let's find out What Is My Compressor Worth?

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Postings about other inquiries are below.

Have a look to see if an air compressor like yours is already posted. That's the fastest way to find out What Is My Compressor Worth?

Saylor Beall Model 116KG - Year Unknown 
This compressor is in the garage of the home we rent. As far as we know it has been in the home since it's original owners. These homes were built in …

Sanborn Black Max, B51-A24-80V1, 1991 
5 HP Electric Stationary Two Stage, Industrial B5900, 1991, Tank size 80 gal. vertical ASME, one owner. My husband originally purchased this unit in …

1979 speedaire, 163298 
I'm not sure but I think it is a 60-80 gallon, 7.5 Hp, 230 volt compressor. Possibly 1979. WP 200 sh 199 RAD E and Temp 650

united states air compressor co model MK6611 
My son wants to buy it but I need to know the value. I would also like to know the engine horsepower and tank size. From the tag I think it is a 1941. …

US air compressor co mk663 1930 
Working builds pressure shuts off at 165psi and turns back on at 115 psi. I picked it up from a estate sale did some rewiring and cleaning and just wondering …

What is my Binks, 33-1021,1968 compressor worth? 
Binks nameplate BINKS MFG. CO. CHICAGO,U.S.A. TYPE NO. 33-1021 GENERAL ELECTRIC A-C MOTOR MOD 5K(C?)47SG539S HP 1 HZCY 60 V 115/230 PH 1 …

Montgomery ward xer-6410 
Great condition. No issues. Location: Sunset,UT

Air-Mate AM78HC4V 
This is a 1.5 hp one tank and small. I have two hoses for it, one long one and one short one. My husband died and I need to get this sold but don't know …

Value of Brunner A650? 
I have what seems to be mostly original (mechanically, aside from being repainted) Brunner A650 compressor. This include Pressed Steel Co 30 gallon tank …

SERIAL nO. 60659f Value?

Wayne Pump Indiana, model 6208HG, 1956 
This compressor didnt work for many years, turned for a couple of times and worked very well. I think it is about 200l bottle, with three belts, Yugoslavian …

Value of Craftsman 2hp 20 gallon devilbliss 1982 
Wondering what its worth please?

Sears roebuck model 106.152400 1970 
Single cylinder. Value?

Copeland, Sydney Ohio, not sure of year of compressor 
It is in my brothers garage in the rafters, house was built maybe in the 40s. He wants the compressor gone,, it works as far as he knows.

Value of Sanborn Model 500A60 Serial F1220769 
5 hp Single Phase Single Stage 140psi max 120/90-120psi 2 cylinder 143 at 1100psi AC Motor - Century 8-164594-02 5. Spl 3450rpm Code G, 60 …

Sanborn, Model # G650B60V,0000 
Magna Force Sanborn 60 N5 Made in the U.S.A. Air Listed Compressor LR 38370 MODEL# G650B60V SER# R0275021 Voltage 230 Amp 15 HZ 1 Tank 60 Tank …

Speedaire Compressor 
Dad's old Compressor. Found it in storage & was thinking about tossing it. Wanted to see the value first though. Let me know when you can, thank you.

Lindsay Air T55A 
Bill, I took over a farm here in Northern Va and have a real nice T55A Lindsay tow behind in a barn. Will not start and wondering if there is a market …

Estimated value on this compressor? 
Can anyone give me an estimated value on this compressor? Found in an old warehouse, the man who owned the warehouse said he had bought it rebuilt from …

Value of Charge Air Pro Compressor 
I have a Charge Air Pro Compressor that I need pricing on. I don't know the age but it is in very good condition. It is 4hp,20 gallon, Twin Cylinder …

Value of Kellog-American Model #GF 335XA 
This is a 1970s era compressor I was unable to get a decent photo of it because there was no room to take a photo. I've attached a photo from the catalog. …

Value of Big Red Air Machines, Model # BRA516VS 
60 Gallon, 5 hp, 208-230 volt, 15 amp, 3450 rpm, 1 PH, MagneTek Century AC Motor, Serial # 595148. Unknown age.

How much for a DeVilbiss Pro Air II? 
Hi Bill, I recently saw a DeVilbiss Pro Air II, 6.5 HP, 80 gallon, 175 psi, two-stage vertical air compressor similar to the one in the photo, and I am …

How much would a working one sell for? 
I have this exact same one sitting in my garage for years now and need to make space, how much should I be looking to get out of it?

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