What Happened to the Wayne Compressor Company?

by Ron Hunt
(Fresno, Ca., USA)

What Happened to the Wayne Compressor Company (Wayne Indiana)?

I have a large upright twin cylinder Wayne Compressor. These were very popular in a lot of service stations in California.

Mine is still running pretty well but will no longer make pressure above about 120 pounds.

It used to run at about 175 pounds for years. I expect the valves and rings are worn. But I cannot seem to find any information on this manufacturer or anything source for parts either.

This was not a fly by night company and I'm surprised that there is virtually no information available on these. What ever happened to the Wayne Pump Company of Wayne Indiana ? ? ?
Well, this is part of it Ron:

"On June 11, 1943, the assets of Equipment Corporation were acquired by the Wayne Pump Company and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Six years later, following the purchase of the company by C.J. Symington, the Wayne Pump Company merged with the Martin & Schwartz Company from Salisbury, Maryland. Symington combined the field working group and the senior management group of Martin & Schwartz with the Wayne Pump Company name and location. In 1951, poor labor conditions and a strike in Fort Wayne forced Symington to move the Hose Reel Division and the Gasoline Pump Division back to Salisbury, Maryland, leaving the Air Compressor Division as the only product line left in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

During the late 50’s, the Wayne Pump Company name was changed to Symington - Wayne to include the Symington - Gould Company in Depew, New York. In the next ten years the Symington – Wayne Company would experience more changes than just its name. The following decade saw controlling interest change to Dresser Industries."

Source: www.reelcraft.com/global_offices/about_reelcraft.html


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Aug 13, 2018
Old Wayne compressor
by: Chris

Wayne c8 model # 3108sv, can anyone tell me ( Sorry, wrong thread. Please start a new one in the forum "What Is My Compressor Worth" and be sure to include photos or your request cannot go live. - Moderator)

Jun 26, 2018
Wayne literature
by: Jack Sim

I have literature (sales & parts) covering almost every air compressor made by Wayne. I sell gas pump literature and have acquired this air compressor info with the gas pump literature. My email address is jhsim@petrocollect.com

Some of the literature is shown on this page of my website: http://petrolianacollectibles.com/wayne%20ac.htm

Jack Sim

Jun 30, 2017
Bearings for 396H
by: ken

I have a1950 Wayne air compressor its run for years and nice and quite running. after about 15yrs it started to have a knock. Sounds like bad barings can i get parts to fix it. the model # 396H.

Model # 396H serial #88634. Can i get baring for this air compressor? Any information would be appreciated thesis

Sep 19, 2014
Wayne Air info
by: Anonymous

Thanks for info on Wayne I have a huge 1 1/2 HP one that I inherited from my father- trying to get a handle on what ( if anything) it is worth so I can sell or junk it I dont' know if it works as I don't have 220 Your info will hopefully help me research & make an intelligent decision

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