What caps for a Charge Air Pro IRL 5020 ?

by Rhett Scrimsher
(Oskaloosa, KS)


I have a Charge Air Pro IRL 5020 CL-826 20 Gal. Air Compressor

I bought it new back in 1991 (closeout sale) it has set in my shop ever since I bought it because I already had a working compressor.

I ran it once and a while then it would just growl and trip the breaker. I figured it was the start/run capacitors and took them off (for some reason) and lost them.

Thinking about spending some money at our local motor repair shop but they want to know what capacitors it took (Micro farads) etc. I cant find anything. I was young and dumb. Can you help direct me on them.

Also does this qualify for ingersoll rand's recall. They say no.

Any help is appreciated. Rhett

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