Water in pressure gauges

by Darwin armstring
(Manteca ca)

I have what seems like water in my pressure gauges, is that normal.

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Jun 14, 2015
Water in Task Force compressor pressure gauges
by: Bill

Normal, not normal, it's a tough question to answer.

Reason being, the more air you use, the more water vapor there is in the air coming from the longer running compressor.

More water will be developed in high humidity areas.

If you are using a lot of air, and by nature of where they are located on the compressor, the gauge will cool faster than the rest of the compressor, and that being the case, you will get condensate appearing on the face of the gauge.

If you read the gauge page, you will find that air gauges are mass produced for not too many cents in foreign lands, and by the time they get to the user market, have been marked up enough times to sell for $7 - $15 depending on where you buy them.

Thing is, for less than a dollar to make, the components are not long lived, and they will eventually fail. Rust, seize, break, don't matter. They will fail.

So, when yours do, replace 'em.


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