Water in air and oil not getting seperated...

by altaf shaikh
(doha qatar )

Water in air and oil not getting seperated via solinoid.

I need to troubleshoot the auto drain system in ABAC genesis 1103 air compressor where in program does it decide its timing or the flow diagram.

solinoid is checked its working ok in workshop

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Feb 02, 2017
Carl Dryer Info
by: Bill

As always Carl, thanks so much for your excellent advice.


Feb 01, 2017
by: Carl

You should have a built in dryer on these machines.

When you open the door (the door with the controller attached) kneel down and look for 2 silver coloured bowls, they are the pre- and after filters for the dryer.

Have you replaced these filters lately? They should be changed once every 12 months.

Be very careful when undoing them though. You need to drain all the air from the compressor!!!

Also, check that the dryer is actually working, is the little black compressor inside the dryer making a noise? There should be a little blue or black reset button you can press on the high pressure side of the refrigeration system.

Also make sure the fan in the dryer isn't seized, make sure it spins freely.

Also check that the dryer hasn't tripped in the electrical cabinet, check the wiring diagram for where the trip is.

Make sure the condenser isn't blocked with dust also.

Hope that helps.

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