Want shut off lost manual for 622999

by gary robinson
(Shreveport La. )

the compressor sometimes will shut off other times it want runs WFO

stupid me cant find the manual

i need a copy to download its a 622999 up until now its been a great compressor.

what weight or sorta oil do I put in it its really low... I can take a rubber hammer bang on the electrical connection gently & the darn thing will shut off otherwise have to turn off at breaker which sucks.

How much oil does the darn thing hold its super low.

why it started this mess only the good Lord knows for sure lol.

would u believe it I have every manual to everything I own but this one the compressor is approximately 2 yrs old.

Hope u can help me have a great new years


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Dec 29, 2018
There is a manual for
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

it here:


Unfortunately, no parts list, though that's usually not a very useful thing with HFT.

"Any ideas of the cause?" Yeah, you guessed the pressure switch, If you feel like playing with it, you'll probably find a disconnected or broken spring in it, if you don't hear a leak from it.

Or, since it apparently runs the motor directly, it might be burned contacts, which might be usable with a bit of judicious burnishing.

Here's a page or three to help:


Take the links if need be, and find yourself a substitute part. Make sure it's rated for at least 23 amps or more.

Good luck.

Dec 28, 2018
Model number
by: Gary

I submitted the model number incorrectly the correct number is 62299 a Central Pneumatic upright compressor 60 gal, 165 oil lubed AC. A Harbor Freight item.

It’s the pressure switch that isn’t working correctly. Why have no idea just started it. Thank goodness the relief is functional. Yesterday I heard it running went in the shop & it was WO . I first flipped the on/off lever , nothing then I had a rubber mallet & lightly hit the pressure switch box & it shut off. The on/off lever on pressure switch will work then when the thing want shut off it runs continually. I then go to the electrical box & turn it off.

Any ideas of the cause? I read over the trouble guide but made no mention of the problem I am having

Thk u

Dec 27, 2018
Invalid item number
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

HFT numbers are 5 digits, not six.

If you can't find your model on HFT site, please give the number of the current model nearest to your machine.

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