vt631403AJ pump bogs down after reaching 35psi

by brad
(titusville pa)

i have a 3.2hp 60 gallon husky compressor it always has worked fine. Until one day i went outside in the middle of winter and it was running.

But it was froze up from setting out in negative temps. it had burnt the belt off and was just setting there running.

well anyways i replaced the belt heated the garage and thawed it out and turned it back on.

now it will not build pressure past 35psi soon as it hits that the it bogs right down. i have never actually let it run to see if it trips anything didn't want to cause more harm.

i thought maybe it had ruined the run capacitor so i replaced that but still nothing.

if i unhook the tube going to the tank or leave the drain valve open it runs fine.

i have no idea what could be causing this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

the model # is vt631403AJ (AGM03) pump#VT470000AV no idea if that will help you

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Jul 27, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Bogs down at 35psi as indicated where?

Have you checked the start cap? sometimes they are part of the run circuit, too.

Maybe you can put a meter across the motor to verify the voltage stays where it's supposed to.

Lots of possibles with it being outside...

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