VT623301AJ tripping breaker with tank pressure increase

I have a Campbell Hausfeld compressor model VT623301AJ with a VT470200KB pump that hadn’t been used in a few years. I fired it up and it has been having difficulty running and will trip the breaker.

This is what I have so far. When I first started using it it just ran a few cycles then tripped the breaker. I changed the pump oil out and now it will run.

When the line is open so no pressure will build it starts up immediately and smoothly and runs no problem. If I shut off the line to build pressure you can slowly hear the difference in the pressure load on the pump and eventually it will trip the breaker at ~90 PSI instead of the 125 PSI cutoff.

If it has low pressure ~30 PSI in the tank the pump will try to start but before it reaches top rpm it shudders and trips the breaker.

At the higher tank pressures 60+ PSI it tries to move under load from what it sounds like and trips the breaker.

Now with the tank under pressure and switch off the unloader valve does not leak but when the switch cuts off or is turned off there is a hiss that follows that sounds like the unloader relieving pressure.

So is this the unloader or the check valve, some combination of both or is it the run/start capacitor on the electric motor?

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Sep 06, 2015
by: Kenn

Thanks Bill, I'll start with that.

Sep 06, 2015
Campbell Hausfeld trips breaker on pressure
by: Bill

I think you've nailed it, "run/start capacitor on the electric motor?"

At least, checking the caps would be my next step.

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