VT6122 will not build pressure

by Tom
(Burlington Vt)

Compressor is model VT6122 which is discontinued; most parts no longer available.

Disconnecting the discharge line there is good discharge.

I suspect the check valve. Removed it from the tank but I am no smarter now than before.

EBay has a check valve w/correct #CV220301AJ. Two available; should I buy one??? If not the check valve, what could the problem be?

It always worked well and built pressure, then I removed the top plate to check the intake filter which was clean. Naturally the gasket disintegrated so I used Permatex to seal it back up.

With the top plate off I see both reed valves very rusty on the top; don't know about the bottoms.

After reassembly it no longer pressurizes the tank, but again, plenty of air pressure present when the copper discharge line is disconnected.

Any comments or advise will be GREATLY appreciated. House painting job coming up. Tom in Vt.

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Jun 12, 2015
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You may have looked at this, but see

Instructions- Valve Plate Head Replacement- 2002.06

Near the bottom of the list if you go to the vt6122 section on chpower.com

I'm thinking the o-ring area isn't sealed.

Jun 11, 2015
vt6122 problems
by: tom

Not sure if this the correct place to update my original post, or not.

Anyway, I was is error when I said that there was plenty of air coming out the discharge tube that leads to the check valve and tank. I jury rigged a gauge and again, NO pressure reading. Hmmm.

The only thing I did was pull the plate covering the filter and the plate covering the reed valves. Gasket disintegrated so I used permatex. Maybe that is not good enough, I don't know.

Checking w/soap bubbles there did not seem to be a visible leak at either flange but is it possible to leak between the cavities? And if so, would that cause my problem?

It pumped like a good fellow until I took those two plates off, so it has to be something in that area.

ANY help appreciated, and thanks to the fellow who did respond.

Tom in Vt.

Jun 10, 2015
check valve
by: Doug in s.d.ca

So, did you check the check valve? is/was it working?

If your assesment of the head seal is correct, then it's likely a check valve failure.

If the check valve is OK, then suspect that you have a leak in the head somewhere, perhaps between the cylinders.

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