Valves for old Lynch air compressor.

by Charlie
(Calgary Alberta Canada)

Hi Bill,

I am rebuilding the old Lynch air compressor that has been in the family for many years. The year on the air receiver nameplate is 1954. It is a Lynch Parr unit, Model 6241.

It it a two stage unit with 4 cylinders in a V configuration with LP and HP pairs on each side of the V. The unit is superbly made and has worked well for years.

About 1961, when we bought it in a surplus sale I did a top end overhaul. The reed valves were shot. At the time I couldn't find valves so I made valves from feeler gauges about 10 thou thick.

Now I have it open again for inspection since the relief vales on the coolers were popping when shutting down, indicating a leaky valve.

I found that one of the valves is bent and appears to be about to break. It needs to be replaced. One other has some wear. So I should replace all of them. I could make new ones from feeler gauge stock but I recall that they were very hard to drill for the mounting screws, so am hopeful of finding correct valves for it.

Also I need head gaskets and some gaskets for the intake and cooling radiators. I can make them but perhaps they are available.

Do you know where I can find parts for this unit?

Charlie, Calgary Canada

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Sep 10, 2018
Pretty sure you won't find either...
by: Doug in

... but you can try.

You could measure the valves and contact the various suppliers asking if their valves are the same, but that's tedious, and you may not get much in the way of responses.

So, probably do what you've already done, except maybe you can find a machine shop to punch the holes for you, rather than drill them.

Good luck.

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