Value of Model #500BP60U Sanborn Air Compressor

by Deb
(Sundance, WY)

I have a used Sanborn Model #500BP60U Serial Number H1140171

140 psi, 60 gal. I am looking for some information on how
much this model would be worth. It is in very good shape and
works well.
Thank you
I cannot locate any information on this model of Sanborn Colemate air compressor.

The 60 gallon tank suggests that it is a 3 HP or a 5HP motor, but I cannot even confirm that.

I'll post this for you, and if you can add more details to the post by adding a comment, that might help.

Provide things like the motor HP, motor voltage, and if you want to add images, which always helps, use the contact page to send me an email with the link to your posting and I'll add images to the post if you provide them. Pictures always provide more info than words.


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