Value of Kellog-American Model #GF 335XA

by Ken

Kellog-American Model #GF 335XA

Kellog-American Model #GF 335XA

This is a 1970s era compressor I was unable to get a decent photo of it because there was no room to take a photo. I've attached a photo from the catalog. The specs below are also from the catalog.

Model #GF 335XA, Serial #715170
2 stage compressor; 30 gallon tank
175 PSIG pressure; 23.0 CFM displacement
18.2 CFM free air; 750 pump RPM
10 HP gasoline engine with 12 volt electric start

The unit is fairly clean, but untested. It was used intermittently in the 1970s and 1980s, maybe a little in the early 90s but has petty much sat unused for at least 20 years. It was always stored indoors.

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