Used Hydrovane 23 will not run needle gun properly

by John Turner
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Hydrovane 23 air comrpessor

Hydrovane 23 air comrpessor

I bought a used Hydrovane 23 a few weeks ago which has only 900 hours on the clock. I bought genuine filters and oil etc and gave it an oil/filter change before using as it had not been used much, I had been told it was a stand-by machine hence the low hours. It makes good air and seemed to be fine when using it for a short period.

Today however I decided to use a needle gun and it ran well for around 7 or 8 minutes then the pressure seemed to get less until the needle gun stopped working. At this point there was still full pressure showing at the gauge, but it seemed to be limited at the outlet end of the pipes.

The temperature was just above freezing so I wondered if some of the pipework had possibly frozen. I stripped the pipes at the compressor and they were a little gunged up (rusty inside), but not enough to stop the airflow, so I removed the pipes and cleaned them out. I replaced the pipes and started the compressor again, everything ran fine for around 5 minutes, then the same fault appeared. I now am unsure if it is a cold related problem (pipework frozen) or a heat related problem ( compressor component not functioning properly when hot.

The output of the Hydrovane 23 is around 21cfm, the needle gun is around 6 or 7 cfm.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.



Bill says...

John, do you have a compressed air filter in line? If not, you should. If you do, dump the air and check the element for plugging. That's what your problem sounds like to me.



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Dec 06, 2017

minimum pressure non return valve sticking.
or vent sol valve not working

Feb 19, 2016
Hydro vane 23
by: Pete

Hi have bought a 23 on before hooking up to electrical supply we did full service on start up only a small amount of air coming from outlet pipe gauge pressure goes right up and pulses air bubbles in oil also
Do you think pump gone or internal problem ?

Feb 19, 2011
Hydrovane 23 update
by: John Turner

I've now been using the compressor for over a year and everything is working as it should.

The problem was the ambient temperature last year when I was having the problems.

Yes Bill I do have inline filters and they are working well at collecting any moisture that is present.

Tony, I did purchase a genuine service kit and changed the oil filter before I wrote the article

Thanks to all who replied



Aug 17, 2010
hydrovane 23 oil filter
by: tony

Have you checked and cleaned the oil filter?Located behind a square plate which is held on by 2 bolts(M8).Also it is possible to get a service kit(km 51)which contains all gaskets and seals +air filter you need to do a 2000hr service.I have owned a 23 for 15 years it runs 40hrs a week and is bullet proof provided its kept clean and lubed.

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