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Use an IR 575 v air compressor at home?

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by Paul
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

A friend of mine is giving me an IR 575v air compressor and I would like to know what I would have to do to use it at home. It’s only 2 months old with an 80 gallon tank.

That’s all I know at this stage. I hope that’s enough.


Paul, at the risk of being trite, you need to have a 575V power supply, unless you plan on changing the motor.

And, I suspect you will not be able to get a 575V feed via a home wiring system. Check with your local power supplier or your local electrician.

If you get the power to it so that it will run, I suggest you start reading the Plumbing pages for information on how to get it working, as far as your air supply goes.

Cheers, and good luck. Oh, and I’ve wandered the lake shore in Port Credit a number of times. Nice part of the world.


575 volt question
by: Paul

I stopped at Oakville Hydro today and talked to an engineer and he told me to look for a Phase Converter. Will that work???
Sorry, I have no electrical background what so ever.


Paul, you need to talk to an electrician. Me trying to advise you on electrical wiring issues is very much the blind leading the blind.


Not without some work and calculation
by: Anonymous

If you are using this at home, it will be far cheaper to source a single phase 220V motor, install it, and re-pulley the motor for the proper rpm and amperage draw.

Having said that, the most you will be able to run is a 3~5hp motor, on a fair sized breaker, so be sure that the compressor on offer can be adequately powered by a motor this size.

Large compressors are nice, but they are often too energy consuming to be used at home.

Consider that you will have approximately 1/3 of the voltage to work with, your amp draw (all things being equal) will triple, and going from 3 phase to single phase makes that even worse. It might be possible, but you will probably have to slow down that pump so much it will produce very little air or pressure, and might seize up if it runs too slow.

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