US General Compressor Keeps Running

by Mary Ann Gabriel
(Sanford NC Lee)


I have a US General 7.5 hp 80 gal compressor. It's set @ 150 psi. It was getting to 145 and shutting it's self off.

I threw a bit more oil in it and checked it out as best I could and now it is running running running and only @ 30 psi?

Any suggestions?

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May 25, 2016
by: Doug in

Also possible is you jostled something and created a leak that was about to happen anyway, say on the output tube...

May 25, 2016
US General compressor running
by: Bill

I don't think that you adding oil to the compressor created this issue.

Typically, when an air compressor pressure stops building at a specific level, and the pressure never gets to the normal cut out to stop the air compressor, it's caused by 1) valves failing 2) gasket failing at that pressure 3) piston seals failing.

If you are concerned that you overfilled the oil sump, then drain some oil out. If the sump is not overfilled, then I would surmise that it's one of the above that's causing the compressor problem.

How to address each of these issues is covered on the pages of this website.

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