Upgrade compressor for more CFM?

by bob stotts

I was given a model 4b234d with a burnt compressor.

The motor and compressor are both 2hp.

Could I go to a 3 hp compressor so I could get more CFM or would I have to change the motor too?

The compressor is a vt480000av thanks bob

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May 14, 2016
There is no free lunch
by: Doug in s.d.ca

If you really want the CFMs, you'll need to change the motor too.

OTOH, if you just want it to work, I'm guessing you're thinking of putting a HFT 3HP pump on it?

You can do that, but you'll have to change the pulley ratio. If you don't it'll either stall or burn up the motor (not right off, but eventually).

You'll probably need a different pulley in any case, so there won't be much cost difference.

HTH and good luck whatever you decide.

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