Unhappy with Speedaire Purchase

by Matt
(Bethlehem, PA USA)

I was very disappointed with my recent purchase of a 1NNF6 (portable 20 gal 120V) compressor when I saw that it is made in China. I ordered the same unit I got 11/2 years ago that was USA made, but it was discontinued (read "outsourced")for this Chinese model.

What is most upsetting, is I paid MORE for this one than the last one and there is a noticeable decrease in quality.

Thank you Speedaire for putting America First!!

Bill responds...

Hey Matt, I hear you.

It is very difficult these days to find anything product that isn't made in China.

However, the market place appears to be driven solely by price these days, and given that domestic workers are earning what, $20 - $30 an hour and Chinese workers(for example) might be earning $1 - $2 an hour, in response to the price driven market, the manufacturer's feel forced to buy offshore to get lower prices on their products.

I sometimes wonder, if I buy only the cheapest of everything that I need, and cheap means that it's made in another country, ultimately, how will I earn the dollars in the future to buy anything, once all of the manufacturing jobs are no longer here?

You can still buy compressors made in North America. They are usually more expensive though, and if we choose to buy only with our wallets, the manufacturer will respond by offering cheaper and cheaper off-shore products.

Tough situation, hmmmm?


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May 01, 2018
Outsourcing is not to be blamed...
by: Anonymous

Outsourcing is not to be blamed on American Workers demanding high wages, the blame can be placed solely and squarely on the shoulders of the American consumer.

Today's consumer cares about (in my radio showman voice) low, low prices! They only really care about quality after the fact. When their cheap foreign made POS breaks or fails to perform satisfactorily.

Because manufacturers are forced to compete for the lowest price rather than best quality, they have no choice but to outsource where labor is much cheaper, laws are lax, workers rights are non existent.

So when you complain about Chinese made goods, blame yourself and your neighbor. You're the reason almost nothing is manufactured in the USA by USA workers.

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