U.S. General Model US660V

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by Stan
(Plano, Texas)

Head gasket for my U.S. General compressor failed, need replacement.

Where can I purchase a replacement part?


U.S. General compressor gasket
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You could make one.

There’s a page about how on this site.

Also, there are at least a couple of on-line parts stores that may have what you need depending on the pump model. Google is your friend.


by: Stan

Atlas Copco B3800 air compressor pump
Atlas Copco B3800 air compressor pump (Same pump used for some DeVilbiss, Abac, Sanborn compressors)

I have since discovered the compressor is manufactured by IMC-Atlas Copco and it is a model B3800. I found a gasket kit at mastertoolrepair.com as well as an ample parts list for this compressor.

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