Trying to ID Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings

by Dennis Linton
(Madoc, Ontario, Canada)

Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings

Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings

Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings
Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings
Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings Pump
Two Cylinder Compressor With No Markings

I bought this compressor at an auction about fifteen years ago, mounted it on a 40 gallon tank, added a 1/2 HP 1725 RPM motor with about a 2.5 inch pulley. It will produce about 90 PSI with some waiting.

The motor will not start in cool/cold weather (it is too small). With this setup, the compressor RPM would be a little under 300 RPM. This was all fine for topping up tires, cleaning carburetors and such but now my son needs something for painting and some sandblasting and I am trying to figure out this machines capability assuming a properly sized motor and drive.

It would be good to know the make and model but, in particular, I would like to know what a reasonable compressor speed might be and what the output might be.

The compressor has no identification except for "94535" stamped on the boss located just above the crankcase drain plug and an arrow on the pulley indicating clockwise rotation looking at the pulley end.

I started to disassemble the compressor in order to measure bore and stroke. The head came off easily but the cylinder block is being a bit contrary mostly because beating on these things makes me nervous.

The brass intake and discharge fittings were attached when I bought the unit.

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Mar 01, 2017
Serial # 192901
by: Jim

We have acquired a Bruner with the above serial #.
Anybody have any idea what model, type, anything it might be

Nov 15, 2016
Possible ID on pump.
by: Mike Stubblefield

That is most likely a Brunner A330 compressor, with some type of adapters that have been installed on the inlet and exhaust ports.

Take a look at the PDF file I sent Bill. It has the bore and stroke figures for each of the Brunner models.

Send me an e-mail with some pictures of the underside of the cylinder head, and I'll compare it to what mine looks like.

If it is indeed a Brunner, you can still get ring kits, gaskets, and some other parts from're pricey though.

Aug 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

It looks like a Brunner, but you are going to have a hard time telling which model it is without the metal tag with the model number on it.

Aug 28, 2016
Any chance it's a Brunner?
by: Dennis Linton

Thanks for the info.
Any chance this is a Brunner pump? I saw a pump/motor/tank combo on Kijiji a while ago were it said Brunner and Port Hope, Ontario on the tank. The pump appeared very, very similar to mine. I have heard that Brunner was primarily in the refrigeration business and carried their beefy refrigeration designs over to their air compressor products.
- Dennis

Aug 27, 2016
No Markings
by: Buster Norris

Just by the looks of the head and the seal that appears to be on the input shaft, and it appears to be king valves on each side of the head, this could be a refrigeration service compressor. The king valves are common on the old belt drive compressors. I actually use one myself to hydro test tanks. It will put up 300 psi easily and hold it. Then again, could be all wrong. Hard to tell by the pictures, but the head looks really beefy for regular compressor service.

Aug 27, 2016
by: Doug in

It's a twin single stage from what I can see.

The vast majority of this type that I have seen run at about 600 to 1100 RPMs.

If you figure the displacement, then you'll need about 1/4 HP per CFM. at whatever speed you can get. It's a trade off.

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