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by Mason
(Joliet Illinois)

Compressor 919.152811 will not build more than 60 psi?


Mason, not a lot to go on here, buddy.

Are you saying the compressor gets to 60 PSI and stops, or are you saying the compressor gets to 60 PSI and keeps running, but the pressure doesn’t go higher?

If the first, then the pressure switch is suspect.

If the second, then pop over to the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page and follow the link to the pages about why air compressors run but don’t build pressure. Once you get that read, do the checks on your compressor, then post a comment here with what you found.


Air compressor
by: Mason

Found why it keeps running but won’t go over 60 psi… reed valves broken! New ones ordered…

Thank You for reply

Glad you were able to nail it down. I always suggest a new gasket kit if you are replacing the valve plate.

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