Tow behind IR P250W JD - Low air pressure

by Gerald
(Thousand Oaks California)

I purchased a 1993 Ingersoll and rand compressor model number P250W JD.

According to the gauge on the compressor is producing less than 80 pounds of pressure.

I've been told that it may be the separator needs to be replaced. Do you know where I can find a parts diagram for this compressor And instructions on how to replace the separator or do you have any other thoughts?

Since I've never had a compressor before and I have no owners or instruction manuals I'm operating in the dark. I would appreciate any advice you could give me
Gerald, we'll have to rely on the expertise of some of the visitors to help you. I have no experience with this type of air compressor at all.

I do know that your compressor should be pumping about 250 CFM at a high pressure level of 150 PSI.

Your request is posted and I hope a good Samaritan can offer advice to you. And, have a look at some of the other posts in this section on Tow Behind air compressors. I believe others have touched on this topic before.



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Feb 18, 2014
Air/oil filter change on portable air comp.
by: Anonymous

The Air/oil separator is located in the tall round tank that you add the oil to. There is 8-10 bolts around the top that you remove, also unhook out put line so you can lift off the lid of the tank. The separator filter just drops in. Bolt the lid back down tight going around the bolts like you would tightening down an engine head. The filter you remove will have a number on it. Look up the filter number on the web and order one. Try E-Bay, you might find one cheap otherwise there about 200 bucks.
Thanks for the helpful advice. We appreciate it.

Bill (Publisher)

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