Titan Industrial Air Compressors

This is the page about the Titan air compressors that are from North America.

If you are looking for the Titan brand air compressors that are built in South Africa, please follow this link.

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Titan Industrial air compressors are manufactured by American Fab Inc. of South Carolina. They manufacture a broad range of industrial equipment, with the Tac 2 their, apparently, only air compressor. It is a gasoline powered, wheelbarrow style Titan air compressor.

titan-industrial-air-compressors- American Fabrication

The first source for information to help you out with your Titan air compressor is the factory. Here is the contact info:

American Fab Inc.
4 New Circle Rd.
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
T: (864) 834-7212
T: (888) 828-8126 toll free
T: Service/Parts: (800) 845-4141
E: [email protected]
W: http://titanindustrial.net

After you contact American Fab, if you still have issues with your Titan wheelbarrow air comressors, here is your forum. If you have a question, maybe have a look at the existing postings below the form to see if your question has already been answered? It's not? Then use this form to ask a question about Titan Industrial air compressors.

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Thanks for your questions and any help you are able to provide other Titan compressor users.

You are welcome to download this Titan compressor manual if you need it.


Titan Industrial (American Fab) Air Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Titan Industrial air compressor?

Here are other visitor's issues with Titan Industrial Compressors

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Garbage compressor 
Only used a few times

Float for the gas bowl. 
need a float, for the gas bowl. mine has crack in it. where do i get one? tried to use fingernail polish to seal crack in float. Cant rely on that …

Titan won't stop pumping air  
Titan industrial 5.5 it will build pressure good and fast but it won't stop it keeps blower the overkill valve.

TITAN TAC 2T won't build pressure  
I have acquired a Titan tac 2t second hand, with no history on the unit. It starts and runs great, but only builds about 65 psi, regardless how long …

Will not build pressure above 50psi 
My titan air compressor will not build pressure above 50psi.

Titan compressor engine cuts off  
My titan air compressor builds the 125psi and throttles the engine back as normal. The problem is when the pressure reaches 90, the valve shifts and the …

Adjusting for air tool pressure 
I just acquired a Titan 8 gal compressor and tried to use it for a nail gun. It's shooting the nail thru the siding, so I need to tone down the pressure. …

Titan Tac-2T belt question 
I replaced the belt on my Titan Tac-2T and it's too loose. The only way I can see to tighten it is the 2 bolts on the underside of the motor that lets …

Tac-2t with one missing part 
Bought a tac-2t with one missing part and I don't know what goes there. If you follow the cable from the engine to the other end of one tank an area …

On/off switch is missing on Titan wheelbarrow compressor 
I just purchased a Titan 5.5HP 8 gallon wheelbarrow type compressor and the on/off switch is missing. Also the air filter housing is broken. I …

What is engine pulley and belt size? 
I need to know the engine pulley and belt size for a titan 5.5 hp 8 gal air compressor.

My compressor won't kick back on to build pressure. 
My compressor won't kick back on to build pressure. When I first start it, it builds then kicks out and won't build pressure again. Anyone know how to …

Titan Compressor Not building pressure 
Unit starts and gas motor runs fine, but will not build past 50psi. I noticed the lock nuts on the pilot valve had vibrated loose. After playing with …

Looking for parts source for titan model tac-2t  
need to buy head gaskets for titan model tac-2t where can i buy parts - gaskets for the compressor, thanks

Anyone kow the model number for sn 205489? 
What is the model number for sn 205489? I need a carb rebuild kit.

Titan compressor builds to 120 and blows off 
Compressor builds up to 120 and blows off, never kicks down, any ideas ??

Titan starts find, builds up to 120 then shuts off 
starts fine then builds up to 120 then shuts off

Titan runs on choke only 
compressor will only run on choke. thought it was a bad carb so I replaced it ,still the same result. choke must be at least half on to run. I also cleaned …

Set screw will not hold key way and pulley flies off  
the pulley on engine does not stay on the set screw will not hold key way and pulley flies off we have a new tat-2t wheel barrel compressor the …

Titan compressor 5.5 HP won't start 
Wheel barrow type. I have it set to come on at 75 psi & knock off at 100 psi. All is working fine. I just can not get the engine to slow down when it …

Titan gas powered compressor will not build past 25 PSI 
Similar problem posted by Joe Wilcox below, but I don't see an answer. My Titan gas powered air compressor is not building more than about 25 p.s.I. …

Problem with titan industrial air compressor 5.5 8 gal.  
it will build pre up to 120 kicks down to idle pre. goes down it want kick engine speed back up i checked cable cleaned it and oiled it so where …

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