Titan Compressor Not building pressure

by Dana Evans
(Snyder, Texas)

Unit starts and gas motor runs fine, but will not build past 50psi.

I noticed the lock nuts on the pilot valve had vibrated loose. After playing with them it would still not build pressure.

I removed the air filters and the back cylinder is sucking air. The cylinder by the motor is pumping air out (of were the filter bolts on) This does not seem right.

Any ideas? I removed the cylinder head and the reed valves look ok.

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May 19, 2017
Only builds50 psi
by: Anonymous

The head gasket is probably blown pull head off and look that is what I found caused this problem .still have not been able to find gasket company does not sell parts for compresser

(Try: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/compressor-gaskets.html - Moderator)

Mar 09, 2016
Low pressure
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Yeah, that does sound like bad rings. Bummer.

Maybe you could try a "break-in" - run it unloaded for a half hour or so, maybe something will shake loose, as it were.

Not knowing your application, maybe you could leave one or the other cylinders open, in case only one is bad, and have enough air for your job.

Good luck.

Mar 08, 2016
Titan compressor not building pressure
by: Anonymous

Yes I went though the trouble shooting guide in the manual.

The compressor never goes to a idle. I did the factory adjustment to the pilot valve. None of these things seem to have helped.

Some one told me to check and see if there is crankcase pressure. With the unit running remove the oil fill on the pump. When I did this it blew the cap out of my hand. I think this means there is piston ring damage.

Really do not want to tear the pump apart. I was really hoping it was some thing simple. This unit does not have much time on it.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Mar 07, 2016
Titan TAC-2T (I presume?)
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Have you done the checks in the manual referring to low pressure?

I'm not finding the pump info, but it's also possible the pilot valve is mis-adjusted. That's what tells the engine to rev. Is it still reved and loaded when the pressure stops building, or has it slowed down?

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