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This coming June 2015 - we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of About-Air-Compressors.com - that's 10 years of helping folks better understand their air compressors and helping them solve compressor problems! If this is your first visit, or if you've been here many times, a very warm welcome to you.

About air compressors helps you solve your air compressor problems!

About air compressors provides lots of information to help you select a new air compressor.

There are hundreds of pages here describing pretty much every air compressor part, what it does, where it goes, along with scads of pages about installing, plumbing and using your air compressor.

If you have a compressor problem, first, please look at the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page to find pages with common, cross-brand, air compressor problems and solutions.

Or, visit the about different compressor brands pages too. Here you will find solutions to compressor problems common to many brands of air compressors. See what other folks say about your brand of compressor. Offer suggestions, or tell others what you really think of the brands.

See the sitemap page for a listing of all pages on this site.

Or, use the many search boxes on about-air-compressors.com to find the pages on this site that relate to your air compressor issue or problem.

About-air-compressors.com will help the plant maintenance person who looks after the company air systems, will be useful to the air system professionals, will help the air circuit designer, and provides lots of information for folks considering buying - or who have already bought - an air compressor for their workshop; what the various air compressor parts are, how they work (or don't work) together... it's all here for you on about-air-compressors.com.

Some Visitor's Comments

  • Barry from MA says "THANKS for keeping this site up. It gave me the idea that saved my compressor!"
  • "HI BILL!!!! this site deserves an excellency award!!! THANKS!!!" Mike / Montreal Canada
  • Jerry says "Right on the money Bill! I removed start cap. and even tho all looked well, it was BAD. I replaced it and all is well and compressor works with no problems. Many thanks....(is there a way to make a contribution to help keep your site going?)"

Bill says... sure Jerry, see the Support This Site link in the right column under general info, or buy my book (see below) and then we both win!

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I am very appreciative of the contributions to this site from many compressor knowledgeable visitors, and in particular Buster, Carls421 and Doug s.d.ca. To the many that have contributed their knowledge to help other air compressor users, please accept my sincere thanks.