TAW-2098 Won't start up.

by Fearless

TAW-2098 air compressor

TAW-2098 air compressor

I have the above model compressor that has been working fine since I have bought it.

For the last little while it has not been able to start up.

On Saturday the wife asked me to put air in her tires. I explained to her my situation with the compressor and to prove it I turned it on for her. Of course it proved me wrong and started up as if nothing was ever wrong. That only lasted till the end of the day. On Sunday things were as I explained to my wife.

When I turn on the compressor, it makes a humming sound and the wheel pictured turns about 2 times a few seconds a part. After a few more seconds the breaker on the compressor trips. I've been turning it on and trying different wall sockets and yield the same results.

Any suggestions of what the issue may be?

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Jul 16, 2015
no start
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Do you drain the tank? If you have either a bad start cap or a bum check valve, you may find it will start with the tank drained.

Which means you can air up tires, but nothing that requires more than the first tankful of air...

Jul 16, 2015
TAW-2098 air compressor
by: Bill

Likely an unloader valve or start capacitor issue.

See the troubleshooting pages for more details about both and what to do about it.

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