Tank pressure adjustment

is there a way I can turn down the main pressure in the tank, causing my compressor to shut off sooner? I builds up to 200 psi befor shutting off. I need to sinc it with another to shut off @ 125 psi.


J. Pedro

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Sep 05, 2016
Two compressors piggybacked with extra tank for volume
by: J.Pedro

Yes, the goal is to achieve close as possible duty cycles, for longevity sake.
The machine with the 125 shut off has a 100% duty.
As for the machine that builds to 200, it's tired and has a far shorter duty cycle, but is running way more to finish the build up to 200 alone.
Good to know I can adjust the cut in/out regulator on this machine manually. Thanks for the knowledge!

Sep 03, 2016
tank pressure
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Like Bill, I'm unsure why you want to do this.

But if it were me, I'd just connect the regulated output of the 200psi, set to 126 (just above cut out of the 125 unit) to either the tank or a tee to somewhere before the regulator for where ever the air goes.

Note that, with most regulators, if you try to set the 200 psi machine to say, 120 (less than what the low pressure unit puts out) it will try to bleed the pressure down to 120, draining the lower pressure tank to 120 - a waste of air.

Sep 02, 2016
Tank pressure
by: Bill

Yes, you can do so, J. It's done with the pressure switch. You will need to adjust the cut in and cut out pressure settings, and the how to do this is covered on the pages on this site.

I'm puzzled as to why you would want to. Is it because you want to run two compressors and have them both experience the same duty cycles?

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