tank drain plug leaking on husky model y6020-wt

by Ron Cox
(Monticello, MS)

my husky model y6020-wt portable air compressor must be obsolete - no info available for this model.

I've had this unit - which is a 25-gal, 5.2 hp, 150 psi vertical/upright model for quite awhile and have never subjected it to other than normal home use: auto tires, lawn mower tires, etc. - has been perfect for my particular needs;

the problem I am having has to do with the water drain valve/plug located at the bottom center of the tank; after my last water drain-off I screwed the drain plug all the way out - and it sorta blew out of my hands; I had never done this before, so I can't determine if the end of the plug had an 0-ring in place, because it looks like there is a place where an o-ring could have fit?

anyway, when I put the plug back in I have tried it at every position and it won't close off the air from leaking out - when you close it all the way it will leak more air, and as you back it out it reduces the air flow to a certain point and then gets stronger as you unscrew the plug; it will close down to a low level, but the pressure of the leak is still strong when you try to close it off with the tip of your finger;

the plug is hollow up to a point a little over half-way, and then has a hole in which to let the water escape; what can I do to fix this problem - such as my valve being compatible with any other same-size valve?...

saw where some folks were changing out these standard-manual valves with pipe fittings and a ball-valve cut-off - for a much easier way to drain their tanks??...any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks, Ron Cox @

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Apr 12, 2016
husky model y6020-wt tank drain
by: Bill

They do fail from time to time.

A new one for your compressor is about $4 at some Home Depot outlets, and on line.

If you Google husky model y6020-wt tank drain you will find many sources.

Yes, if you thread an elbow fitting (with a small hole drilled in the thread to emulate the tank drain thread) into the tank drain hole after you remove the drain, extend the drain out to the side of the tank with some 1/4" poly tube, and put a small ball valve on the end. Then you can easily drain the tank after each use.

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