tank air - compressor shuts off at 110

by WayneDavis
(Gates, NC, USA)

Say my tank is rated at 125 or 135 psi max but the compressor shuts off at 110. Why does it do that and can the tank pressure be adjusted up? If not why is the tank rated at 125 or 135psi in the first place?

It would be good, Wayne, to know if the compressor shutting of at 110 PSI is what it has done all along, or if this is a new symptom?

The tank rating will typically be higher than the pressure that the pressure switch is set to cut out at.

If your air compressor always shuts of at 110 PSI, then trying to get it to generate higher pressure will only lead to premature failure.

If, on the other hand, the compressor used to shut off at 125 PSI and is now shutting of at 110 PSI, that suggests to me that the pressure switch is failing.



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